M. Charles Rhinehart is a self taught painter from St. Louis, Mo. area, Charles works have been shown and are included in Museum collections, in St. Louis Art Museum, Springfield Regional Art Museum, Little Rock Art Museum, and others. Rhinehart is in collections including the Pillsbury Collections, the Leggett and Platt  Collection the Ritz Carlton Collection  and Has shown in recognized Art Galleries through out the United States.
Charles career spans 50 years of professional fine arts oil painting,  His works are collected privately both nationally and internationally . Rhinehart lives quietly with his wife, a painter also, and devotes his time to painting and further exploration of painting, he has traveled to locations and painted in every State west of the Mississippi including Alaska and The Yukon, and many others States in the United States.
Charles Rhinehart has won many different awards the most recent of which was presented at to him while attending 2005 Missouri inaugural ceremonies, the honor of two Resolutions written and presented by the Missouri House of State Represent and The Missouri State Senate in recognition of "Meritorious endeavors"   "Commendations for his contributions to the art world."

In the Senate the Resolution recognizes Rhinehart  " as a resident who has brought glory and honor to himself and the State through the excellence of his achievements in his chosen fields of endeavor."

Boston Mountain Stillness
48" X 72"
framed size 62" X 86",

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